Public Policy

April Public Policy Update
The following is a March 15 update from Betty Boyd, AAUW Colorado State Public Policy Co-Director.

Four anti-choice bills which Betty testified against for AAUW are DEAD. They were House Bills 18-1082, 1225, 1120, and 1121.

The FAMLI Medical Insurance Program which AAUW actively supports is now in House Appropriations.

Human Trafficking Bills of interest to AAUW are:

HB 18-1018 Training for Commercial Drivers Licenses has passed the House and is in Senate State Affairs.

HB 18-1115 Human Trafficking Training Programs passed the House Judicary. Betty testified in favor for us.

SB 18-055 Increase Surcharge on Conviction passed the Senate, in House Judiciary.

SB 18-084 Protection of Minor Victims has been amended and is in Senate Appropriations

HB 18-1256 Colorado Civil Rights Division and Commission to be continued for 9 years, passed out of House Judiciary with just one (1) No vote. Betty testified in support of it.

Bills to Add to Support: (Complete List of 2018 Bill is on our website.)

HB 18-1046 Birth Certificate on Gender Change
HB 18-1177 Youth Suicide
HB 18-1243 Civil Rape Shield Law
HB 18-1269 Student Safety

Bills to Add to Oppose:

HB 18-1206 Live and Let Live

Other Bills:

HB 18-1014 Social Studies Assessment in High School (Oppose) DEAD
HB 18-1033 Employee Leave for Election Participation (Support) DEAD
HB 18-1037 Concealed Handguns in School (Oppose) DEAD
HB 18-1086 Bachelors in Nursing at Community Colleges (Monitor) Passed, on
Governor’s desk
SB 18-004 Funding for Full Day Kindergarten (Support) House bill still alive-in
House Appropriations
SB 18-013 Expand School Lunch Program to Grades 6-8 (Support) in Senate
SB 18-058 Failure to Report Child Abuse Statue of Limitations (Support) DEAD
SB 18-075 Contribution Limits School Board Elections (Support) DEAD
SB 18-151 Bullying Prevention Policies (Support) Passed Senate – In House Education
SB 18-157 Colorado Women’s Veterans Act (Support) DEAD

As bills often move rapidly through the legislative committees and the House and Senate check the branch website regularly to find the status of a Bill. We will update information as it is received from the AAUW Colorado Public Policy Committee.