If you like:
Good conversation
Trying new recipes
Eating tasty foods

…Then come and join the Boulder AAUW La Cuisine Interest Group

Meets the third Saturday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in members’ homes.

Bowl of Blueberries

Open to AAUW members and their spouses, significant other, or friends, we have one meal a month at the host’s home; everyone is asked to either host or co-host a meal, so the location and hosting duties are evenly distributed among LaCuisine participants. Hosting duties include planning the menu and selecting recipes for dinner. The total cost of the meal is divided by the number of people dining.

La Cuisine comprises both couples and singles, some members are raising children, others are busy with their careers, and some members in their 70’s, 80’s, and even 90’s are involved with their grandchildren as well as traveling around the world. At the meals, there is always a constant theme – plenty of laughter, stimulating conversation, and really, really good food enjoyed by good friends.

Every fall the group convenes and decides the theme. For each meal there is a host and co-host and it is their responsibility to select recipes and develop the menu i.e. appetizers, salad, entrée, side dish(es), dessert, wine, and coffee/tea. Everyone who is attending that month’s dinner receives a packet of all the recipes and their assignment. The La Cuisine group usually has a dinner the second Saturday of the month with an average attendance of 20 to 24 people. The night of the dinner everyone goes to the host’s home, with their prepared dish and enjoys a wonderful meal. The average cost of a meal is around $12-to-$14 per person, which is a good deal considering this includes wine in addition to delicious food, recipes, and enjoyable evening.

For more information, contact the chairwoman:

Sara Cote